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Kava Store Vanuatu - Buy Kava, Buy Vanuatu Kava

Kava Store Vanuatu is your one stop referral shop for kava products that are made in the home land of kava, Vanuatu.

All products displayed on this site are made with fresh Vanuatu kava, manufactured in Vanuatu by Vanuatu companies and shipped from Vanuatu. There are no chemicals used in any of the products found on this site and all kava is grown organically without pesticides! When whether you wish to buy kava, buy instant kava or buy Vanuatu kava powder then there is no better place then Vanuatu Kava Store.

We wok as a referral agent for these companies, however we test all our products first....and being avid kava users we have given our seal of approval to each and every product displayed on this site!

The Kava Store Vanuatu Team

Kava Store Vanuatu's favourite product of the month!

The Kava Krew have been knocking back plenty of  Quick Kava Premium lately and we all agree its our product of the month

Quick Kava Premium
Little know Kava facts no. 134:
In the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, woman are not allowed to drink kava, go near prepared kava or even be near men after they have drank kava!

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